About Us

What We Do

Policypitch.com is ushering in a new era of participatory democracy by literally bringing the power to effectuate change to the people. Policypitch.com is a crowd-powered platform that allows ordinary citizens to pitch new policy ideas for the local level, collaborate with others to refine and promote their policies, and transform that online communication into real world action. Our goal is give ordinary citizens a direct voice in local government and enable them to influence change in their community. By using new technologies to bring the power to the people, we hope to challenge the current thinking on where local policy comes from and how citizens take action.

Local policy and progressive change should be a bottom-up approach, not top down. The ideas should come from the people. We are here to make that happen. The idea is simple: Bring the power to the people.

Who We Are

PolicyPitch.com is a non-partisan organization with big dreams based in New Orleans – one of the greatest cities in the world.