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Thousands of people visit Policypitch each month to take action in their community and, in the process, generate over 25,000 pageviews each month. A mix of neighborhood hangout, social network, and interactive index of community issues, campaigns, and causes, is a geographic community action platform that facilitates action and entertains. 

Advanced Targeting

We give advertisers access to the engaged citizens and local experts in every neighborhood, community, and metro area in the nation. Target by age, gender, geography, location, social interests, community causes, and more.

Content Integration

Get noticed, not skipped

Quick Setup

Update with easy tools.

Easy Customization

Display rich media in a flexible layout


Deep Analytics: Understand who is engaging with your Social Ads/Pages and how


Refine your Social Ad targets, budget or creative instantly for more interaction.

Increase the relevancy of your Page for more activity.